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We are currently teaching music through storytelling at Blaise. This allows children to experience playing a range of instruments and they gain experience experimenting with the pitch, tempo and volume alongside different characters and events that occur during the story. Each year group is working on re-telling different stories through music and drama. Below you will find the story each year group has been allocated and some of the instruments they may gain experience with during that unit.
EYFS - Hare and the Tortoise (glockenspiels and xylophones)
Year 1 - The Enormous Turnip (drums, bells, tambourines and other various percussion instruments)
Year 2 - The Hairy, Scary Castle (exploring classroom objects as instruments)
Year 3 - The Island of Plums (triangles, bells, drums, tambourines and glockenspiels)
Year 4 - Stone Soup (maracas, drums, tambourines)
Year 5 - Mowgli in the Jungle (exploring choice of instrument to match with characters)
Year 6 -  The Pied Piper (xylophones, glockenspiels, recorders, cymbals, triangles, bells)
We are currently working with Bristol Plays Music to explore the opportunities for learning a specific musical instrument across a year. There is a KS2 choir which some children have opted to join and they will be seen performing at various events throughout the year - the first of these was at the Christmas Fair. This year, Years 4 and 5 have had experience learning how to play the steel drums as part of this collaboration. As of earlier this year, we are also able to offer both individual and group violin lessons.