Welcome to Blaise Primary and Nursery School






It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Blaise Primary and Nursery School website. We are proud of our school and its community and are delighted to be able to give you an insight into how we SHINE at Blaise.


Blaise Primary and Nursery School is a caring and happy school. The moment you walk through our doors you are able to see why. Excellence is achieved through the delivery of an inclusive curriculum, taught in an exciting and stimulating environment by passionate, gifted and highly committed teachers and staff. Our curriculum prepares children for the 21st Century and is relevant, immersive, engaging and allows every child to make very good progress. We aim not only for academic excellence but also for the children to be keen, effective, confident, independent and collaborative learners, who will be well prepared for success in adulthood. We believe in giving children opportunities to realise their talents and passions, whatever they are and to nurture these through broad and balanced learning and extra-curricular activities.


At Blaise Primary and Nursery School we have a strong belief that success is a journey, not a destination and that to have sky high aspirations of ourselves and our learners, we must always be striving to be better than we are... all of the time. We do not pose glass ceilings on children's learning.  We see every child for who they are and for what they CAN be. We work closely in partnership with parents/carers to ensure that our children's chances of succeeding are maximised. We have an honest, open and collaborative approach to this partnership based on trust and a genuine concern that we all want what is best for each and every child... the children always come first.


We invite you to look closely at our website, which gives you the opportunity to see what life at our school is like. Prepare to be amazed!


However to appreciate us fully a visit is recommended. Our Senior Leaders are always happy to meet with parents, to give them a tour of the school or to discuss any queries.