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Literacy Curriculum Document – How do we approach literacy at Blaise?


Blaise Primary School aims for our children to become lifelong readers who not only can read, but do read; not only can write, but do write.

- Children to be confident and fluent readers who enjoy reading and realise the value in it.

- Children to be able to write and spell clearly and fluently for a range of purposes and audiences.

- To be responsible for their own learning, including improving and developing their own writing.

- To develop a love of words and their meanings which will continue to grow with their vocabulary.

- To be able to respectfully and confidently articulate their opinions in any situation.

- To develop their creativity, imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness.

- Children to be exploring a wide variety of high quality texts.

How we approach Literacy at Blaise:

- The teaching of literacy is in line with expectations set out in the National Curriculum and a medium term plan is in place to ensure coverage of the curriculum.

- Assessment of the children’s current abilities in writing and reading forms the basis of all planning.




Children will be reading high quality texts chosen by teachers who are passionate about reading and know the texts well. Children will be given a wide range of reading opportunities and experiences throughout the timetable. Reading should continue beyond the school gates and be fully supported at home by parents who understand how the school teaches reading and are, in turn, fully supported by the school.