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Knowledge Organisers

At Blaise we use Knowledge Organisers (KOs) in school and at home to help children to learn more and remember more about the essential knowledge they need for the themes they study. Each KO sets out in detail what we want children to know by heart by the end of the topic. It will include around a dozen key words and the central concepts or facts relating to the subject. Please use these Knowledge Organisers at home to talk to your child about what they are learning about in school and discuss the vocabulary linked to this topic

 It is also useful for children to go back to previous KOs and revise these so that the information from previous learning is not forgotten.

Please click the links below to see your child's current Knowledge Organiser.

If you would like further information about what your child is learning throughout the year, please click here.


Term 1 2020-2021

Year 1 

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6






Term 4 2019/2020

Year 1 - Term 4

Year 2 - Term 4

Year 3 - Term 4

Year 4 - Term 4

Year 5 - Term 4

Year 6 - Term 4


Term 3 2019/2020

Year 1 - Term 3

Year 2 - Term 3

Year 3 - Term 3

Year 4 - Term 3

Year 5 - Term 3

Year 6 - Term 3