Blaise Primary and Nursery School

COVID-19 Information


 If you are concerned that your child has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, please click here.

Coronavirus in children

Children can get coronavirus (COVID-19), but they seem to get it less often than adults and it's usually less serious.

Symptoms of coronavirus in children

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot, for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • a loss or change to sense of smell or taste – this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal



Letter to Year 3 Parents/Carers on 9/7/21 re updated information from PHE

Letter to Year 3 Parents/Carers on 8/7/21re self-isolation

Letter to Year 1 Parents/Carers on 8/7/21 re self-isolation                Letter to rest of the school on 8/7/21

Letter to Year 2 Parents/Carers on 27/6/21 re self-isolation               Letter to rest of the school on 27/6/21

Letter regarding Remote Home Learning arrangements for Year 2 pupils in isolation

.Update letter sent home 8/6/21 re Delta Variant plus advice about ordering lateral flow test kits, etc.

Letter regarding the 8th March School re-opening

Blaise Primary School Remote Learning offer

Remote learning letter

Remote learning Home-School agreement

Updated letter RE Critical Workers and Reduced Provision - 06/01/2021

Reduced provision letter - 05/01/2021

Home learning offer letter - 05/01/2021

Letter regarding partial closure to Parents/Carers 04/01/2021

Letter to Parents/Carers on 03/01/2021

Change in self-isolating guidelines from 14 to 10 days - December 2020

Special INSET Day letter - 18/12/2020

Update letter to Year 2 on 17/11/2020

Update letter to Year 1 on 16/11/2020

Letter to Year 2 on 13/11/2020

Letter to Reception on 13/11/2020

Letter to Year 1 on 13/11/2020        Letter to the rest of the school regarding COVID 13/11/2020

Letter to Year 3 on 8/11/2020           Letter to the rest of the school regarding Year 3 COVID

Letter to Parents/Carers regarding new lockdown 5/11/20

Letter to Parents/Carers of Yr 6 children regarding updated information from PHE

Letter to whole school re measures put in place following confirmed Covid-19 test results

Update letter to Parents/Carers 27/10/20

Letter updating Yr 3 Parents/Carers 26/10/20

Letter Parents/Carers of Yr 3 children 24/10/20

Advice to Parents/Carers regarding Half Term Reporting of Covid-19

Letter to N-Yr 5 Parents/Carers 22/10/20

Letter to Yr 6 Parents/Carers re Covid 22/10/20

School Outbreak FAQ for Parents/Carers 20/10/20

Quick Guide for Parents re Covid and Attendance 20/10/20

Letter to Parents/Carers 19th October 2020 regarding Covid-19 and our school

Update letter for Parents/Carers - Tuesday 15th September 2020

Pick up/drop off letter - 11th September 2020

Entry/Exit letter for Parents

Updated letter regarding September 2020 opening

Letter regarding September Opening

Letter regarding current Year 5 Camp - September 2020 when they are in Year 6

Letter regarding Year 6 Camp - July 2020

Update regarding wider opening of reduced provision - Year 6 Phased Return.docx

Update regarding wider opening of reduced provision - Nursery Class

Update regarding changes to arrangements from 22nd June 2020

Update regarding the wider opening of Blaise Primary sent out 15th June 2020

Copy of certificate that was attached to above letter to the above letter 

Change of booking arrangements for the children of Key Worker Parents/Carers 12th June 2020

Letter to Parents/Carers regarding arrangements for Key Workers children from 8th June

Letter to Parents/Carers regarding the wider opening of our School 4th June 2020 Update letter 4 6 20.pdf

Letter to Parents/Carers regarding the arrangements in place for the children of key workers from 1st June

Update from Head & Chair of Gov 26 5 20.pdf

Letter from Local Authority sent out to Parents/Carers 

Update to Parents/Carers 22nd May 2020 Phased Re-opening of School

Update to Parents/Carers 14th May 2020

Family in Focus Information - May 2020 Bulleting sent to Parents/Carers

Update to Parents/Carers 11th May 2020

Family in Focus Information - April Bulletin sent to Parents/Carers 1st May 2020

1) Message from NHS to Parent/Carers                         

2) Message from NHS - What to do if your child is ill                         

3) Message from NHS In Case of Emergency

Update to Parent/Carers 20th April 2020

Letter 7th April 2020

Letter re Key Workers Survey - 20th March 2020

Letter 19th March 2020

Letter 18th March 2020

Letter 16th March 2020

Letter 11th March 2020

Please click here for Guidance for parents/carers on supporting young people's mental health & well being during the Corona Virus outbreak 31st March 2020.

Please click here for a document from Family in Focus - Information & Services families, Parents, Carers & Young People Part detailing many resources available for you to access and covering a wide range of subjects, including helpful websites and contact details.