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Blaise Primary School And Nursery

Creating Success. Laying foundations, thriving on challenge and believing we can.

Our Vision and Strategy 2018 – 2023




We’re setting out our strategy for the next 5 years, sharing our vision and where we want to be in 2023.


Our school, has for over 50 years, nurtured and supported the children at the heart of our local community.


We’re passionate about providing engaging and challenging learning opportunities in a happy and nurturing environment where every individual contribution is valued, children are listened to, feel safe, and joyful and are inspired to learn.


We are unashamedly ambitious for our children; our core purpose always focuses on teaching, learning and the best possible outcomes for our children.


We’re big on collaboration and foster relationships and partnerships that enrich our offer. So please reach out and connect with us!


On behalf of Governors and staff


Martin Underwood                             Massimo Bonaddio

Chair of Governors                              Head Teacher




Our Vision


Our vision is simple:


“Blaise – Creating Success”

Laying foundations, thriving on challenge, believing we can.


We have high expectations of our children and of ourselves and we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for each and every pupil. Our constant aim is to share a rich, engaging, active and challenging learning experience through the delivery of a 21st century curriculum that empowers children for the modern world.


We will achieve our vision through three underpinning approaches:


  1. Laying foundations for future success, empowering children with the skills, knowledge and a healthy wellbeing they need to realise their ambitions


  1. Thriving on challenge, building the resilience to deal with what life brings


  1. Believing we can, growing confidence to keep going and overcome challenges 


Our values


Our values will be based upon:


  1. Delivering a 21st century curriculum that prepares our children for their life of learning.


  1. An open environment where teachers feel valued and trusted, and where parents/carers and governors feel confident that children are receiving the best possible start to their life of learning. We will ensure our staff across our organisation, are empowered to contribute their best to support the development of our children and young people.


  1. Being recognised by our staff, and stakeholders as an organisation that continually improves, innovates, develops and enhances good practice and the quality of our provision.


  1. Constantly exploring new ways to further our school’s expertise and offer by working in partnership with other schools, charitable organisations and community groups.


The governing body is accountable for driving our vision and strategy and our whole school community are critical to delivering it. We will review our strategy throughout the year at governing body and committee meetings and publish an annual report.



Our Strategy


Objective 1) Excellent Teaching and Learning

At Blaise, our philosophy is founded on ‘believing we can’. Our relentless optimism and drive to support our pupil’s development excites us to provide the best teaching and learning. We focus achieving the highest quality teaching and learning. This includes our aspirations:


  1. i) For an engaging curriculum consistently delivered to all pupils to enable them to achieve their full potential.  
  2. ii) To become a centre of education excellence and innovation with Senior Leaders of Education and National Leaders of Education working in partnership with others across the UK.
  • iii) For empowered leaders in all classrooms through effective distribution of leadership.
  1. iv) To become a hub to support learning throughout the community.  



  1. i) Outstanding pupil progress and attainment across all pupils
  2. ii) Positive pupil, staff and parent feedback shows the children’s enjoyment and love of learning.  
  • iii) High staff retention and performance
  1. iv) High attendance of parents and carers to quality school curriculum events


Objective 2) Opportunities for all


At Blaise our pupils are ready for the world and excited by the opportunities open to them. We will offer an exciting after school club offer, and an even broader range of inspirational speakers and career talks. This includes:


  1. Providing a broad, engaging and accessible after school clubs offer
  2. Driving the school community to enable them to make healthy choices
  3. Our Pupil School Council as the driving voice in the choice of activities
  • Local businesses supporting visits and pupil learning
  1. A representative staff workforce, governing body and Parent Teacher Association (Friends @ Blaise)



  1. i) Staff, Pupil, Parent and Community feedback
  2. ii) Increasing after school club offer
  • iii) Data on the representation of our staff, governing body and Friends @ Blaise (F@B)

Objective 3) Nurturing at heart


Nurture is central to our approach in supporting our pupils’ development both academically and personally. Our children are inquisitive; our aim at Blaise is to help them to grow as individuals. This we will achieve through:


  1. i) A wellbeing centred approach with exemplary practice in meeting the needs of all our children’s’ social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs
  2. ii) A healthy school
  • iii) An established support network for pupils and their families
  1. iv) Our children developing high levels of resilience in all of their learning



  1. External validation, including through collaborative/partnership review
  2. Achieving the Bristol Healthy Schools Award
  • Provide an annual report to governors on incidents of discrimination
  1. Targeted pupils accessing SEMHS provision are making good or better progress.


4) Developing supportive partnerships


We work in partnership with other schools, charities and community groups to bring the best opportunities to our school community. Our strong, constructive and supportive relationships with children, parents and staff is central to our approach.


  1. With effective and efficient multi-disciplinary partnerships working across the education, health and care; including charities.
  2. Leading member of the NW24 school partnership (NW24 is a group of schools based in the north of Bristol, working together in a formal collaboration.)
  • Effective financial planning supported by coordinated group purchasing with partners
  1. Strong leadership sharing good practice through a Teaching School Alliance.
  2. Working with partners to deliver events that bring the community together



  1. i) Community Engagement Survey
  2. ii) High levels of staff and pupils participation in partnership events
  • iii) Partnership projects support health and social care objectives




Enablers are critical to delivering our strategy.


Our people


A culture of high performance and constructive challenge:


  • Fully supported and excellence in continuing personal development - A Blaise Offer
  • Provision of high quality development opportunities, coaching and feedback which is both supportive and challenging
  • Leadership throughout the organisation is inspirational, effective, and transparent.
  • Excellent staff satisfaction evidenced through the wellbeing staff survey & annual recognition
  • Effective appraisal for all staff
  • Develop a committed staff team, who are mutually supported; with shared goals; pulling in the same direction; and where individual strengths are valued and developed


Our environment/systems


An environment designed around the needs of our teaching and learning for our pupils:


  • A full estate master plan and strategy directing the use and future development of our site
  • Asset and space utilisation maximised of all aspects of the estate
  • Business support systems that drive efficiency
  • A financially sound footing, ability to consistently show value for money
  • Ensuring a well-resourced school, a stimulating, attractive and safe environment for all


Our finances


A strong strategic financial planning culture that enables our strategy’s success:


  • A 5 year budget
  • A diversification of income streams.
  • Working strategically with the Parent Teachers Association ‘F@B: Friends at Blaise’
  • Collaboration to maximise contract efficiency