Clavell Road, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7EJ

0117 377 2424

Blaise Primary School And Nursery

Creating Success. Laying foundations, thriving on challenge and believing we can.


Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

  Mr M Bonaddio

Deputy Head Teacher

  Mrs J Barlow 

Assistant Head Teacher - SENDco / Inclusion   Miss E Robinson
Assistant Head Teacher  - Assessment   Miss S Hughes
School Business Manager    Mr D Farr

Wider Leadership Team

EYFS Phase Leader / Teacher

  Mrs S Cresswell
KS 1 Phase Leader / Teacher    Mrs R McLay
Lower KS2 Phase Leader /  Teacher   Mr J Holloway
Upper KS2 Phase Leader / Teacher   Miss V Boyle


PiXL Leader / Teacher

  Miss A Lidstone


Teaching Staff


Nursery Teacher

Mrs S Cresswell

 Reception Teachers


(RWA) Mrs N Whiting

(RWO) Mrs R Waldron 

Year 1 Teachers


(1M)Mrs M Parsons - Mon & Tues
         Mrs R McLay - Wed, Thur & Fri

(1R) Mrs F Rogers


Year 2 Teachers


(2M) Mr P Moor

(2T) Miss J Thorn


Year 3 Teachers


(3D) Ms K Darnton

(3N) Miss P Noble


Year 4 Teachers


(4H) Mr J Holloway

(4R) Ms T Read

Year 5 Teachers


(5M) Miss R Mitchell

(5G) Miss A Gaunt


Year 6 Teachers


(6L) Miss A Lidstone

(6B) Miss V Boyle



Should you have any queries about our school, please contact Ms Chan in the school office who will be happy to help you.