Blaise Primary and Nursery School


The Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mr M Bonaddio


Deputy Head Teacher

Ms J Barlow 

Assistant Head Teacher 

Inclusion, SENDCo

Ms E Robinson 

Assistant Head Teacher

Raising Attainment/Disadvantaged Champion

Ms Aimee Lidstone

School Business Manager

Mr D Farr

Humanities (Geography) Leader, KS2

Mr J Holloway

Deputy SENDCo, English Team Leader

Ms J Thorn

Phonics and Early Reading, EYFS Leader

Ms Naomi Whiting

Science Leader, KS1

Ms Ria McLay

Year Group
Leadership Responsibilities


Mr L Traum



(RW) Ms N Whiting

(RS) Ms S Solman

Phonics Lead & Reception phase leader 



(1Y) Ms D Young

(1C) Ms R Cutajar

English Team

R.E and Maths Team


(2M) Ms R Michell

(2N) Ms P Noble

Behaviour, PE



(3W) Ms Westacott

(3F) Ms M Fifield




(4T) Ms J Thorn

(4D) Ms J Davies 

PSHE, English Leader, Deputy SENDCo



(5R) Ms A O'Brian

(5M) Ms T Reed 




(6B) Ms Butler

(6H) Mr J Holloway


UKS2 Phase Leader & English Team Lead

Site Staff


School Business Manager 

Mr D Farr

Office Manager 

Ms S Cunningham-Smith

Site Manager

Mr M O'Nyons


Learning Mentors 


Ms J Dart

Mr E Whittaker 

Support Staff

Miss Grimes, Ms Mason, Miss Rockell

Ms Brennan, Ms Hamilton, Ms C Reese
Ms Harrowell & Ms Renwick
Ms Grimwood,  Mr Durrant, Ms Grizzle, 
Ms Ahmed, Ms Bradford, Mrs Hamdulay
Ms Van-Ryneveld, Ms Oujeil,
Ms Jones


Administration Team

Office Manager Ms S Cunningham-Smith
Administrator Ms S Warren
Receptionist/Administrator Ms N Richards

Administrator/PA to HT

Ms J Warren



Ms N Beechgood 



Should you have any queries about our school, please contact Ms Naomi Richards on