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Blaise Primary School And Nursery

Creating Success. Laying foundations, thriving on challenge and believing we can.

Our Values

Here at Blaise we live our values. They underpin everything we do. Following extensive work with learners and the wider school community in 2017-18, six values were decided on which embody our values.

These six values give us all certainty around expectations for behaviour, values and attitudes. These are made real and visible in the adults and children every day and they are celebrated on every level from whole school to individuals, through rewarding explicitly through our house points system.  We can track and adjust how our values are being expressed and respond positively through our behaviour system.  In this way we can maintain a culture of certainty and consistency, which promotes the positive place of learning Blaise Primary and Nursery school is. 

Our Vision


Please see below our strategic vision for Creating Success at Blaise Primary and Nursery School.


Creating Success.

Laying Foundations.   Thriving on Challenge.   Believing We Can.