Blaise Primary and Nursery School

Our Values and Ethos

Creating Success. Laying foundations, thriving on challenge and believing we can.


At Blaise, our values underpin everything we do.

Following extensive work with our school council and the wider school community, six values were decided on which embody our whole school values. They are:

These six values give us all certainty around expectations for behaviour and attitudes to learning. They are made real and visible every day in all areas of the school and for all children, by all adults.

We reward children who show these values explicitly through our house points system where children receive a house point token towards their house: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. The house winner is shared with the children at the end of each week during our celebration assembly on Friday mornings, alongside individual celebration certificates from each teacher for any children who have impressed their teacher by showing one or more of these values that week.

Teachers record any house points given out on an electronic system which we use to track how our values are being expressed. This also supports us in focusing some of our assemblies around any values which the children may need more practise showing.

In this way, we can maintain a culture of certainty and consistency for all children at Blaise.