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Blaise Primary School And Nursery

Creating Success. Laying foundations, thriving on challenge and believing we can.

Our Governing Body

Governor Responsibilities:

  • To determine the strategic direction of the school
  • To review and approve the school budget
  • To decide policy on such things as equal opportunities, behaviour, special needs provision, etc.
  • To monitor the performance of the school
  • To oversee the curriculum provision
  • To appoint, challenge and support the Headteacher
  • To sit on recruitment panels
  • To sit on panels that handle staff or pupil discipline issues or complaints against the school


The Governing Body hold full meetings usually once per term.  There are also two committees that meet regularly throughout the year to look at matters in detail;

The Outcomes committee looks at issues around the outcomes for the children at Blaise such as the curriculum, school data, the well-being of the children etc.

The Resources committee looks at issues around staffing, finance and premises. 

There is also a Performance Management panel and a Pay panel for the Headteacher.


Our governing body is made up as follows:

Parent Governors – elected by parents

Co-opted Governors - appointed by the Governing Body

Staff Governors (including the Head Teacher) – elected by teaching and non-teaching staff 

LA Governors – appointed by the Local Authority 

All of the above Governors have full voting rights on the Governing Body and in Committees.

Associate Members – appointed by the Governing Body for particular skills and do not have voting rights.

The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from and by the Governing Body.

Thinking of becoming a governor?

Please see the vacancies page for more information about being a Governor and how to become a Governor.


Associate Members

Dave Farr – School Business Manager

Julie Barlow - Deputy Head

Emma Robinson – Assistant Head/SENCo

Stephanie Hughes - Assistant Head (Assessment)

Jo Hyde (Clerk to Governors)


Link Governors

There are areas of specific responsibility for which Governors volunteer to be linked; our Link Governors are as follows:

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability) – Lisa Garbelotto

Children in Care – 

Child Protection and Safeguarding – Christian Evans

Health & Safety – 

Literacy - 

Attendance - 

Pupil Premium - Lisa Garbelotto

Further information

Click here for Governors' Business and Pecuniary interests.

Click here for Governors' terms and attendance.

Click here for Governing Body minutes.


Meet the Governors

Massimo Bonaddio, Headteacher








Caitlin Bragg, Co-opted Governor

Chair of Resources Committee





Lisa Garbelotto, Co-opted Governor

Chair of Resources Committee





Rosa Mitchell, Staff Governor










Sarah Murray, Co-opted Governor

Joint Chair of Governors








Kate Richards, Co-opted Governor







Nigel Slater, Local Authority Staff Governor






Chin Tan, Co-opted Governor






Sally Yuill, Co-opted Governor






Ciara Mullen

Joint Chair of Governors








James Murphy






Beverly Shirkey












Jessica Schouela












Before becoming a Headteacher in 2015, I held three senior leadership roles with overall responsibility for Safeguarding and Inclusion. Consequently, I have extensive direct experience of Child Protection issues, SEND, multi-agency working and learners with English as an additional language, workforce development, curriculum design and budget setting. My passion for improving outcomes and enjoyment for children and young people has also helped me serve on three Primary school Governing Bodies as Parent Governor, Staff Governor and Head Teacher, setting and meeting school development priority targets, vision and managing change.


I have been a Governor at Blaise Primary since February 2015. I strongly believe that a good education is vital for children to reach their potential in later life and am proud to be supporting Blaise in their work providing this to the children of our community.
Outside of this role, I am a Project Manager who has worked across a variety of industries during my career.



I have been a Governor at Blaise Primary since February 2015. I strongly believe that a good education is vital for children to reach their potential in later life and am proud to be supporting Blaise in their work providing this to the children of our community.
Outside of this role, I am a Project Manager who has worked across a variety of industries during my career.



I am in my fourth year of teaching at Blaise, where I also completed my NQT year with 3 years of teacher training prior to that. I have taught Year 3 for 2 years and year 5 for 2 years, but have experience in all year groups. I specialised in health and wellbeing in my teacher training course. With first-hand experience with SEN in my close family, I started teaching already with an interest in behaviour and SEN, which has now developed further into the wellbeing of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and inclusion of all children within a mainstream setting. I am currently the subject leader for two subjects: Music and PE. I hope to ensure that all children have access to and experience music lessons and performances as a part of their learning and I love engaging all children in a range of sports where they learn different skills and have experiences in healthy competition. I love teaching and I love being a part of the improvements being made across the school.


I am a Secondary English Teacher at a local Bristol Secondary School with a particular interest in how excellent teaching and learning can improve outcomes for all pupils. I joined the Board of Governors at Blaise in October 2018 and sit on the Outcomes committee. I believe that all children have the right to be challenged at every stage of their schooling, hence my decision to become a Primary School governor. As the link governor for English and Literacy, I am looking forward to working with staff and pupils and the community to develop this provision in line with our school vision. Outside of work, I enjoy playing netball, reading and travelling.


I became a governor at Blaise Primary School in October 2018. I am passionate that, irrespective of their background, students should be provided with the best possible opportunities to excel and I am proud that I am able to support Blaise Primary in ensuring that this is possible. Outside of my governor role, I’m a Science Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher leading on teaching and learning, continuing professional development (CPD), student leadership and SMSC education at a Bristol Secondary School. I’m a keen sports and fitness fan, particularly enjoying supporting some of our local rugby and football teams.


I joined the Board of Governors at Blaise in November 2016. I sit on the Resources Committee and also take a special interest in sports funding and extracurricular activities. I am a chartered surveyor and have spent over 30 years in private practice, principally specialising in retail and food store development.  Outside interests include golf, hill walking, classic literature, politics and cooking. I am married and have two grown up children, who both live in London.


I run Tutor Doctor Bristol, a local in-home tutoring company. Prior to entering the education sector, I spent 10 years in the aerospace industry as a Quality specialist and managing systems engineering projects for Rolls-Royce. I have an M.Eng in Electronics Engineering and an MBA in Entrepreneurship, so I’m no stranger to education! Today, I am happy to pursue my passion of educating students of all
ages, being present in the community, and helping people to get into their dream school, university or job.


I am a partner in a national law firm and became a governor in 2015. I have 2 children who have now left school. I know how important is it to have a strong, supportive network to provide a well-rounded education to prepare them for the outside world. I specifically chose primary education as I believe that is where the foundations are
laid and interests sparked which, in turn, can shape their futures. My own interests include cycling and generally keeping fit, listening to music and reading.


I am a mother of 3 children, 2 of which have left school and I work in
an international IT company being responsible for delivery of large
projects across the world.  I have 3 years previous experience of
being a governor in a primary school and I  decided to return to this
as I understand how the first experiences of school provide a strong
basis for children to progress.




I am a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at UWE Bristol where I manage teams delivering English Language, Linguistics and Creative Writing degrees.  I have been in Bristol for 6 years after studying for a PhD at the University of Manchester.  I benefited from positive state school experiences in Middlesbrough.  I’m keen to learn more about the whole education system and share my experiences of working in an educational environment undergoing huge (regulatory) changes, as well as best ways to support pupils with English as an Additional Language. Outside of work, my time is spent keeping pace with a toddler and suffering watching Bristol Rovers.




I am a Senior Research Assoicate in Medical Statistics at the Bristol Randomised Trials Collaboration, Population Health Science, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol

I benefited from positive state supported school experiences in the United States, from kindergarten (year 5) to my post graduate degrees.  I’m keen to learn more about the UK education system and share my vast life experiences and fresh perspectives to help improve the school.  I have been bused in the seventies as part of an integration program, moved schools as a child, am an immigrant, and been without funds to join extra activities in the school, and am dyslexic and completed schooling before much was known about it.  I have tutored many people scared of math, and have taught basic math at a community college in the US, so I know that most, if not all people can learn even difficult subjects, if given the right help and right support. I look forward to helping however I can, especially in evaluation of outcomes, as this is an area I do in my clinical trial research work.  I am a poet and avid walker outside of work.

I work at the Department for Education in the South West Regional Delivery Directorate. I previously worked at Teach First and am an advocate for educational equity. I believe that excellent teaching and a challenging, creative and supportive learning environment are crucial to the development of children. I have a PhD in History of Art and have taught at undergraduate level. As an avid reader, I champion the importance of literacy as a tool and opportunity for lifelong learning. I am a mental health first aider. I enjoy traveling, swimming in the ocean, and am passionate about women and girls’ empowerment.