Blaise Primary and Nursery School

Curriculum Statement



Creating Success

By ensuring our comprehensive and inspiring curriculum is embedded in all aspects of school life.  By providing learners with the knowledge and skills they need to support them in their next stage of education and future life.  By using assessment to effectively inform teaching: checking that children know more and remember more.

By ensuring learners are ready to become responsible, tolerant, respectful active citizens that care for each other and the environment for the rest of their lives. We want the children to aim high; to think big; to have no limits.  We are continually working together to ensure that the curriculum we create enhances the experiences and opportunities available to all our children, particularly the most disadvantaged, to enrich their cultural capital and create success.


Laying foundations

To ensure learners have the necessary knowledge and skills to have choices and make a success of their lives. We believe all learners should have a voice and the tools to able to think, express themselves and ask questions.  Reading is the beating heart of our curriculum. 


Thriving on Challenge

To provide an experience-rich curriculum that enables all learners to engage, enjoy and excel in as many subjects, interests and activities as possible.  Learners will feel equipped for challenges ahead and be full of awe and wonder with a sense of curiosity and confidence to take on the world.


Believing we can

At Blaise, we believe we are all learners and that everyone can achieve to the highest levels.  We ensure that all our children feel safe and happy at school and are provided with an education grounded in the positive relationships, stability, self esteem, health and well being that they need in order to thrive and achieve.



Curriculum Knowledge & Skills Progression Maps


Please find Knowledge & Skills Progression Maps and Subject Intent, Implementation and Impact Documents here.


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