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Blaise Primary School And Nursery

Creating Success. Laying foundations, thriving on challenge and believing we can.

Curriculum Statement 2015/16


 We deliver a bespoke aspirational curriculum taking our children on an inspirational learning journey.

 Each term focuses on a specific subject area:

  • Term 1 – History
  • Term 2 – RE and the Arts
  • Term 3 – Science (Physics)
  • Term 4 – Geography
  • Term 5 – Science (Biology)
  • Term 6 – Health and well being

Before each term staff and the school council create a whole school plan including an overarching school theme, questions to stimulate enquiry for each year group, with an inspirational opening and closing event. The team ensures that each year group is provided with hands on learning experiences e.g. trips, visitors, and workshops. Each team ensures progression of skills and curriculum coverage.

Every theme is evaluated through interviews with children and staff, skill ladders, work scrutinies and learning walks. Recommendations from this monitoring feed into the following year’s planning.

To ensure complete coverage, teams identify further learning opportunities where appropriate e.g. investigation days to ensure Science coverage.

This curriculum was developed by all stakeholders, ensuring that both local and wider community take a central role.

Our curriculum meets the needs of our children through;

  • Inspirational and challenging teaching
  • Skills focused learning opportunities
  • Creative experiences
  • Enquiry based investigations
  • Active learning e.g. trips, visitors

As of September 2014 we are ensuring that all curriculum areas are aligned with the expectations of the new curriculum, with a focus on mastering the fundamental concepts, providing deep learning and secure understanding. The central ethos of our curriculum still maintains that we are preparing our children for life not just for their next phase of learning.

We strongly believe that our curriculum supports children to achieve success by equipping them with the essential building blocks to become a skilled citizen in an ever changing world.

We endeavour to provide our children with the following life skills:

  • Being able to write for a range of purposes and audiences
  • To be able to use mathematics fluently and flexibly
  • To be able to cook a range of healthy meals
  • To read for pleasure and research
  • To be computer literate and ready for a digital world
  • To know how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • To be courteous and compassionate
  • To have the resilience to achieve personal goals
  • To become nurturing adults forming positive relationships