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Year 4 - Mr Holloway and Ms Read's classes

 Welcome to the home page for year 4 -- Mr Holloway and Ms Read's classes.  You'll find lots of learning here to keep you busy but, if you need any help from the teacher, you can email with 4H (Mr Holloway) or 4R (Ms Read) in the subject box and they will get your email.


We know it can be tricky not being able to talk to your friends like you would every day at school, so we have set up the 2email on Purple Mash where you can send messages to each other. Ms Read and Mr Holloway will be able to see each message and approve them before they are sent to the recipient to make sure our communication is kind and helpful during this time.    


We love seeing the learning you are doing at home. Here are some wonderful pieces of learning from Josie, Jay and Albie from 4R.

Welcome back to the final term of what has been a rather strange year. I hope you had a lovely break over the half term holiday - wasn't the weather glorious! Both me and Mr Holloway enjoyed getting out and about, going on lots of sunny walks and swims in rivers and ponds. We are both so impressed with the hard work you are putting in at home and love seeing the learning you are emailing into school. Keep it up as it brightens both of our days!



This week we are learning about 2D shapes. In year 4, you have to know the names of the different types of triangles and quadrilaterals. There are lots of activities for you to get on with in the download box. The BBC have some great videos to explain about these shapes - go to a polygon party here and learn about circles here

There are also arithmetic and problem-solving questions for you to have a go at. When answering the multiplication and division questions there are some asking you to divide and times by 10 or 100 - remember for this you use your knowledge of place value and don't have to use a formal written method. 



This week's story is about a king, you will be reading sections of the story and making predictions. The writing activity is to write a letter to your future self - I can't wait to read these. There's also some more poem to read, I hope your family enjoy your poetry performances! 



This term we will learn about humans and other animals and all the amazing ways we need to keep our body healthy. This week you will learn about teeth. Go and look at your teeth closely in a mirror; do they all look the same? What jobs do you think each tooth does? Try eating different foods (chewy, soft, crunchy) and notice which teeth are used to break down the food. Visit this website to watch a video and have a go at some activities here. Click here for the BBC video explaining about different animal's teeth here



Use your maths learning to create a picture using lots of different 2D shapes - be inspired by the artwork of Kandinsky. You could use lots of different materials for this. I would draw all the shapes lightly in watercolour or pencil crayon and then use a black pen and ruler to the dark sharp lines. 



Can you make a meal or snack for a family member that will be healthy for their teeth? We are sure your parents and carers are working super hard helping to work from home and do home schooling with you so I'm sure they would love a little treat - send us pictures of what you do to be helpful!



I know a lot of you would have been looking forward to sports day this year - we can still get our summer games fix, just in a slightly different way. Miss Mitchell has put us in contact with a 'virtual summer games' - see the flyer for more information. The Virtual Summer Games start this week. Entry is via Google Forms. Go to for more information.


At school today we did some amazing 2D shape art. Mondrian create art with vertical and horizontal black lines. He used only squares and rectangles. Then he used red, yellow and blue primary colours . Why don't you try it ?


 Adverbials with audio.pptxDownload
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 Addition and Subtraction practise T5W3.pdfDownload
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Happy Monday - it has been so wonderful speaking to so many of you over the last few days. I'm glad you're staying safe, happy and healthy. 


Here is the suggested learning for the week. There are also learning taks set on Purple Mash and you can look at some of the live lessons on the BBC website – lots to keep you busy!  


We can no longer access the White Rose learning for free on their website. Look on the BBC Website for their daily Maths tasks. There are also addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and reasoning questions to download from the file list. The answers are at the end.  


There are lessons and resources for each day, but feel free to work through them at your own pace.  It has been lovely to hear are enjoying the English learning, Mr Holloway and I love to read your writing so keep sending it in to school.  

This week’s story is Great Kapok Tree. You will be reading the story and then writing in role as one of the characters. 

There are two poems this week for you to read and then write your own stories from.  


Just like the Romans, the Ancient Greeks had powerful armies. Read this article to learn what it was like at war for the Ancient Greeks and then try one of these activities.  


I can’t wait to see some photos of your Greek experiences!  


It has been lovely to hear how you are enjoying our Science tasks and exploring your gardens and local areas. Have a go at another minibeast hunt, have the living things (plants and animals) changed as the weather is getting warmer and more summer-like. This week you can have a go at using classification keys for the creatures that you find. There is also some habitats colouring to keep you busy.  



We have heard lots of about your gardens in the phone calls Mr Holloway and I are making home. Can you draw a picture of your garden or local green space. Remember this only has to be an impression, you can be as creative as you like with what you include.  



 Perfect Form Powerpoint with audio.pptxDownload
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 Year 4 Week 5 Day 5.pdfDownload
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Maths and checklist

 Addition and Subtraction T5W6.pdfDownload
 Learning checklist T5 W6.docxDownload
 Multuplication and Division T5W6.pdfDownload
 Reasoning and Problem Solving T5 W6.pdfDownload
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Logan has been busy and active! Great work - those cakes looks amazing!

Here are Sophie and  Lauren’s  sunflower and chilli plants after 5 weeks! Amazing!

Excellent work from Jaiya - she's becoming a rainforest expert!

Wow Elsie in 4H has been busy . What have you guys been up too? Why not send us your photos ?

Well done Albie in 4R who has built an  Ancient Greek villa on Minecraft.  It has a male dining area and  a separate area for women and children.  It's made of mud bricks. Great skills!

Here is the suggested learning for the week. There are also learning tasks set on Purple Mash and you can look at some of the live lessons on the BBC website – lots to keep you busy!  


White Rose – continue with the learning from the white rose website. Remember it is important to keep practising the strategies for the four operations. Complete the subtraction and addition and multiplication practise sheets too – the answers are at the end. Don’t peek at them until you’ve had a go answering the questions.  


There are lessons and resources for each day, but feel free to work through them at your own pace.  This week you will be looking at the story of Ananse – retelling the tale and then have a go at writing your own story. You are all brilliant story writers so I can’t wait to read these! 

For the poetry task, you get to read lots of different nature poems and decide what one is your favourite. Read the poems to other people in your house – do you all have the same favourite? You will then choose two poems to compare. How are they thes same? How are they different?  


This week you can research what it was like in an Ancient Greek’s home. What was there house like? What kind of food did they eat? Read this website to learn lots of interesting facts: Can you then have an Ancient Greek day in your own home.  

  • Dress up in their clothes (a bit like the togas the Romans wore, so you’re expert toga put-on-ers already) 

I can’t wait to see some photos of your Greek experiences!  


This week we are going to look at little bit closer at the minibeasts you have been finding in your gardens and local areas. Watch this video of artist Levon Biss herewho takes super close up pictures of insects. Go on a bug hunt and see what creatures you can find. Try to take picture of the bug. When you get home, zoom into the picture and draw a picture of what you see. You will be using your Scientific observation skills and also your art skills by making an impression of that image. Use whatever drawing materials you have at home to make your picture. If it is too tricky to take your own photo, use one of Levon’s. I think they are stunning! Have a look here

Well done Sophie in 4H . Looks like she has been busy investigating invertebrates!

Well done Ibaad from 4H. Some fabulous Greek cooking, writing and making. That looks delicious! 

Wow - great skills from Jaiya in 4H

Look at this incredible super close up from Poppy in 4H. Amazing skills.  Why don't you try a super close up ?

Brooke in 4H is amazed that her tomato plan is actually growing! She has been busy making Greek Shields too. How are they different to Roman shields?  

Maths and checklist

 Addition and Subtraction practise T5W4.pdfDownload
 Learning checklist T5 W4.docxDownload
 Multiplication and Division practise T5W4.pdfDownload
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 Conjunctions Powerpoint with Audio - Day 1.pptxDownload
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Rosie in 4H has noticed her tomato is growing. How are your plants doing?

Happy Monday! 

Some parents and carers have asked for a ‘checklist’ to help you structure your child’s learning. A list of all suggested activities is available to download from the ‘other documents’ list.  


White Rose – continue with the learning from the white rose website here. Remember it is important to keep practising the strategies for the four operations. Complete the subtraction and addition and multiplication practise sheets too – the answers are at the end. Don’t peek at them until you’ve had a go answering the questions.  


For English, we will be using resources prepared by the Hamilton Trust. Watch this video from a David Attenborough documentary of an impala narrowly escaping being caught by a jaguar. 

You will then be writing a recount of your own nail-biting escape. You will be using adverbials and noun phrases in your writing, just like we have been focusing on in school.  

The second activity for the week is a poem all about creatures, you will read a poem and then be inspired to write your own. You were all so amazing at writing and performing poems at school, I’m sure your adults at home will be wowed by your poetic skills!  

There are lessons and resources for each day, but feel free to work through them at your own pace.  



Did you know that the Ancient Greeks started the Olympic games!? It is a shame the Olympics aren’t happening this year, but you can have a go at recreating them in your own home. Research the history of the games on BBC website here: then have a go at one (or more) of these activities: 

  • Set up an Olympic stadium in your own home. What sports will you include (did you know trampolining and tug of war have both been Olympic sports)? Who in your household will win each race? Will your pets compete? 
  • Make an Olympic torch – resources 


We will carry on investigating the living things found in your local environment. This week you will be looking at different minibeasts.  Use this website to help you. Remember to be respectful to any creatures that you find.  You could look in your garden, on your street, or where you go out for your daily exercise. Record the different types of trees that you spot in a bar chart.  


I have also filmed a little warm up stretch routine - just like we do every day in 4R. Have a go at doing this at home with your family! Would you like me to film a whole yoga routine for you to try? 

Other documents

 Blank graph paper.pdfDownload
 Learning checklist T5 W3.docxDownload
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 Addition and Subtraction practise T5W3.pdfDownload
 Multiplication and Division practise T5W3.pdfDownload
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 Powerpoint - Adverbials 1.pptxDownload
 Powerpoint - Noun Phrases 1.pptxDownload
 Powerpoint - Noun Phrases 2.pptxDownload
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 Year 4 Day 1_RM.pdfDownload
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Some fantastic work from Fin in 4H - just look at the wonderful learning. Keep these photos coming. It's wonderful to see your incredible work!

We love receiving the pictures of your learning! Keep them coming! 

Maths, model grasshoppers, wax moths, tomato planting and even a Trojan horse ! Fantastic learning guys!

Lot's more incredible work from you guys both at home and in school. Some amazing shields, diary entries, leaf posters, invertebrate facts , posters, millipedes and lots more !  You and your families are superstars!  Keep it up!

What amazing work so far this week ! Keep sending those photos in. They make us smile !

Great work by Ruby and Faith. What wonderful leaf identification posters!

Monday 27th April 

 Good morning everyone!

First of all can we thank you all so much for all your hard work last week. It has been fantastic to see all the photos of your art, writing, maths and of course  marvellous minibeasts. 

So its a new week and of course we have lots of activities for you guys to get involved with. I don't think the weather is going to be as sunny as last week but I think you can still get out and about looking at the nature around us. We will continue finding out more about the ancient Greeks and start to look closer and classify the minibeasts into different groups. There is also a junk modelling activity too!


Ms Read and Mr Holloway

OK – So let’s get this week started.



We are continuing with our work on decimals as well as money . Just like last week all the activities and answers are there for you. Remember that for each activity you need to start with the video which has a warm up . You can watch the videos by clicking here .

Oh - extra activities  are to keep telling the time to your family and using the PiXL app to keep on improving your times tables.

Still confused about telling the time on an analogue  clock (one with hands) ? Well watch this video to recap .



Read or listen to the story of the Wooden House -

Reading activities

  • Stop at key moments of the story and make predictions about what is going to happen next
  • Use your reading skills to work out the meaning of any unfamiliar words. Check the meaning in a dictionary.
  • Compare the characters of the Trojans and Greeks - use evidence from the story to back up your opinion
  • Write a book review of the Myth
  • Do a drama from the story - can you get your family members (and pets!) to join in


Writing activities

  • Write a diary entry from one of the soldiers who is inside the horse
  • Write a character study of Helen - what does she looks like? How does she behave or other people behave around her?
  • Write the fight scene when the Greeks come out of the horse and set to attack Troy



Research the God and Goddess of Ancient Greek - do any remind you of the ones we learnt about in our Romans topic? There is some information here There's some 2dos for you to do on this as well. 



Can you make your own Trojan Horse? What would you hide in it? What would you use to make it? Can you sneak into any rooms in your room in it? Please send any photos of this to school - we would love to see what you get up to. 


 This week we are going to explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name  the living things in our environment.

Watch this video to get back into minbeasts.

Great - so now we have some challenges for you this week. In order to do them it would be really useful to either print the classification keys  below or open them up on a tablet or an ipad while you work ( check you are allowed to take it outside first!)

1) First of all read the instructions of how to be safe and responsible when collecting minibeasts. Can you write instructions for someone in reception so they know how to do it? You could even record this as a video clip and send it to us. Remember bossy verbs!
2)  Collect as many different leaves as you can from your garden or while you are on a walk (only pick one of each) .First sort them into groups of your choice. Now use the leaf identification guide to see if you can name these leaves.  Stick the leaves on some paper and make an information poster - you could even describe the shapes of the leaves.
3) Pick an area and look closely for 3 minutes. This is a micro habitat. Record everything can see and hear. You could even draw a super detailed super close up picture!
4) Now use the minibeast identification form to see if you can identify as many of the minibeasts as possible. Infact the science word for minibeasts is invertebrate . We would love to see pictures or photos of what you found together with the invertebrates name.
5)  Find out what invertebrate means and create an information leaflet to show the different types of invertebrates
We can't wait to hear how you have got on - please send us photos , videos or anything you can !


 27.4 -Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO5-Round-decimals-2020.pdfDownload
 27.4 -Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO5-Round-decimals-2020.pdfDownload
 30.4 -Y4-Summer-Block-2-WO2-Ordering-money-2020.pdfDownload
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The Ancient Greeks

Did you know that the ancient Greeks invented the Olympics? Want to find out more? Read the information and watch the video  to find out how the Olympics began.

We have some fun challenges for you this week. Choose which you would like to do.

1) Create your own Olympics for you and your family to take part in . We would love to see the different events you have designed. We would especially love to see photos of you guys doing them !

2) Make a junk model of an Ancient Greek helmet, sword or shield ( or all 3 ) You will need to research these online but there is a picture below!

3) Create an model of the stadium at Olympia  . You could even have a crowd and tiny racers and runners inside it !


Ibaad in 4H has been extremely busy creating some fantastic art work at home! Do you have anything to share? We would love to see it.

Hi guys - I hope you are doing well.  We would just like to share some of the fabulous home learning that has gone on so far this week. What fantastic work from Poppy and Rosie in 4H. Why not complete your challenges and send in some photos to us. We would love to add them to the gallery!



Monday 20th April 


Hello Year 4 and welcome back! I hope you didn’t eat too many Easter eggs but managed to enjoy the amazing sunshine.

This term the work we set you will look a little different. We will be setting weekly learning activities and hopefully some projects, experiments and art activities you will really enjoy. We are sure there will be enough fun learning to keep you busy!

As well as Writing, Reading and Maths challenges we will be looking at Ancient Greece in History and plants and living things for Science.

Of course we would love to see photos of your amazing project or art work and hear how you guys are getting on.

Ms Read and Mr Holloway

OK – So let’s get this term started.


This week we will reading and writing about the Greeks. Complete this writing activities based on the story of Troy. For each activity there is a success criteria and word bank or sentence starters to help you. Use these just like you would in school.


We are continuing with our work on decimals. We will be making a whole then writing, ordering and comparing decimals. All the work for the week is there for you . Don’t forget to watch the videos! There will be a special challenge coming on Friday!

One last thing - remember to practice your times tables using the PiXL app.


So we are going to find out the difference between living and non-living things this week.

Watch this  video to get into the subject.

Watched it ? Great, now we would like you to try these six special challenges over this week ! Remember we would love to see photos of how you have got on!

1) Record and draw any living and non living things you have found. How do you know if it is living or non living?

2) Watch this video and make a poster about MRSNERG . Your poster needs to explain what all living things do.

3) Go on a minibeast hunt . Are all the creatures you find insects (6 legs). Record what you find in your own way.

4) Pick your favourite minibeast you found. Now create a junk model mini beast. Why not label its body parts and create a factfile

5) Can you create a nature collage? Use some of the leaves and flowers you have found to make a fabulous nature picture. Don’t pick too many flowers. They are an important part of our environment!

Challenge six ! 

I have heard that you can slice tomatoes and put them in soil and they will grow. Could this be true? Why not investigate.

To do this ask an adult to help you slice tomatoes like this.

Now fill up a small pot / yogurt pot ? egg box etc in soil.    

Gently place in the tomato.

Carefully sprinkle a little soil on the top

Regularly water and keep in the light.

See if it grows.


2dos on Purple Mash 

There will be lots of 2do set for you this week especially on the Greeks and living things - we can wait to see your work!



This term we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks. But what did they do for us? Watch this video first so you can see how important they were!

 Now look at this video on the BBC website and see what you can learn about some famous Greek cities and emperors. 


 Term 5 week 1.docxDownload
 Troy - reading questions.docxDownload
 Troy - writing activities.docxDownload
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Friday 3rd April 2020

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
River of Life by Leonid Afremov
River of Life by Leonid Afremov
 1.4.20 Maths answers.pdfDownload
 3.4.20 Maths answers.pdfDownload
 3.4.20 Maths questions.pdfDownload
 Answers - Divide 1 or 2-Digits by 100.pdfDownload
 Diving by 10 and 100 colouring.pdfDownload
 Horizontal - Divide 1 or 2-Digits by 100.pdfDownload
 Vertical - Divide 1 or 2-Digits by 100.pdfDownload
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 2.04.20 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 2.04.20 Maths questions.pdfDownload
 2.4.20 Science solids and liquids investigation.pdfDownload
 Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet.pdfDownload
 Word Search.pdfDownload
 Year 4 writing checklist.pdfDownload
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 01.04.20 Music activities.pdfDownload
 1.4.20 Maths answers.pdfDownload
 1.4.20 Maths questions.pdfDownload
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 31.3.20 Maths answers.pdfDownload
 31.3.20 Maths questions.pdfDownload
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 Monday 30th March 2020

 30.3.20 Maths answers.pdfDownload
 30.3.20 Maths questions.pdfDownload
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Friday 27th March 2020

 27.03.2020 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 27.03.2020 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
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You can also play this dividing by 10 and 100 game by clicking here.

















Thursday 26th March 2020

 26.03.2020 English.docxDownload
 26.03.2020 Jigsaw.docxDownload
 26.03.2020 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 26.03.2020 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
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 Wednesday 25th March 2020

 25.03.2020 English.docxDownload
 25.03.2020 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 25.03.2020 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 24th March 2020

 24.03.2020 English.docxDownload
 24.03.2020 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 24.03.2020 Maths Questions.pdfDownload
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Monday 23rd March 2020

 English - Monday.pdfDownload
 Maths - Mon - video lesson.htmlDownload
 Maths - Mon answers.pdfDownload
 Maths - Mon questions.pdfDownload
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Thursday 19th March 2020 

Friday 3rd April

Good morning. Today is the last day of the Spring Term. We will be setting you some learning to do today, as well as some projects that will keep you busy during the Easter Holidays. 



There are still 3 chapters left of the book, I will set all of these as 2dos and you can go through them at your own pace. I will also set the comprehension quizzes and the writing activities for each chapter.

We would also love to hear how you are getting on at home. If you would like to write a diary for each day of the holidays, either on paper on in your 'work' section of  Purple Mash, that would be wonderful. Are you spotting any interesting things from your windows, gardens or walks around your neighbourhood. I am seeing lots of pretty birds from my house - I'm going to try and learn all their names - you could have this challenge too! 



Today is the last White Rose lesson on hundredths. As usual, watch the video here and complete the worksheets. I have also added a few more sheets to keep you busy dividing by 10 and 100. Remember to also keep practising your times tables on the PixL app - Mr Holloway and I can see who has been doing this regularly. 



We would have ended our topic learning about rivers and answering the question 'Can a river charge my phone?' Research the Hoover Dam (Find it on Google maps here) and then complete the postcard in 2dos to explain what you know. 

Over the holidays we would like you to see if you can harness the power of water by making your own water wheel.   

You will need an adult to help you with some of the steps. Email you pictures or videos of your models to me and Mr Holloway so we can see your great work!



I am definitely going to spend a lot of my Easter holidays painting and drawing. I looked on the internet for artists who I admired and I'm going to do a painting in their style. I like this French artists painting of a river - which artist will you be inspired by?

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning! 

Keep emailing the pictures of your river monster creations, it is really amazing to see  your creative efforts. Mr Holloway and I also love hearing that your parents and carers and getting involved in your projects! If you have made your monster, could you have a go at making a film with it - how would it move? What sounds would it make?



It has been great reading all your English learning. I'm impressed so many of you are using all the features we know are so important to include in our Year 4 writing. I have included the Year 4 writing checklist in the documents today for any parents/carers who would like to see what is expected in their child's writing. 

Today you have to read another chapter of the story - we are going to learn a little bit more about Max and what kind of creature he is. and where he comes from. When you have read the chapter, answer the comprehension questions. For your writing activity you have to continue what you imagine would happen next from the end of the chapter. 



Today you will be putting hundredths on a place value grid. Watch the video from lesson 4 here and complete sheets.



Normally, we would have our spelling test on a Thursday. Complete the word search and look, cover, write, check sheet first then get an adult to ask you the words. 



This would be the last lesson in our unit on 'states of matter' (solid, liquid, gas). First recap your knowledge of the properties of each state by completing this sorting activity here . There is a Purple mash writing activity for you to complete too. 


Finally, we would like you to have a go at carrying out your own Scientific investigation. Remind yourself how to carry out a fair test by watching this video here. Then read through the 'solid, liquid, gas science investigation' and choose a project. This will take a few days to complete as you will have to plan, carry out the investigation and then record your results and tell us what you have found out. You may need an adult to help you do this. 


Good luck - can't wait to see what you find out. 



1st April 

Happy Thursday everyone.... *


Mr Holloway and I are still being blown away by your amazing river monsters, maybe they are what I saw in the River Frome...! 



Today we will find out more about the mysterious creature and maybe find out a few more details about what it is really like. Once you have read chapter 3, you have more comprehension questions to answer. For your writing activity, you have to write out a dialogue between two characters. Watch this video here to remind yourself how to punctuate direct speech correctly. 


Todays lesson is writing hundredths as decimals. Watch the video on lesson 3 here and then complete the worksheet. 



Listen to the song on the youtube video to the left and then complete the activities. Can you be active and move and dance around your house as much as possible?



Are you joining in with Joe Wicks every morning? I think his workouts are really  tough! You could do some gentle yoga as well. My friend, who is also a yoga teacher, has made this video where you get to go on a space adventure. 


Remember there are also lots of fun activities on Go Noodle as well! Find the site by clicking here


(*April Fools, I know its Wednesday really)


Tuesday 31st March 

I hope everyone had a wonderful start the week. Mr Holloway and I have been really impressed with some of the river monsters we have received pictures of - see the gallery on the left for the creative efforts. I can't wait to see more! 



Today is moving onto hundredths - this is a recap of what we did together in class so it should be super easy. Watch the video on lesson 2 here to remind yourself what to do.  



Today, you have to read another chapter of the story and find out what is happening underneath all of that rubbish...! There are more comprehension questions set as a 2do. For your writing activity you need to create a fact file about the mysterious creature. 



It is important to keep practising your beautiful handwriting. Write out your character fact file on paper. Remember to focus on equal spaces between the words and letter, just like we were doing in class. 



In our Geography lessons in school, we learnt a little bit about the River Nile. I would like you do to some more research into what makes that river so interesting and then complete the fact file in your 2do. You can find out extra facts by going to this website here or watching the video on BBC learning here





































 Happy Monday Year 4!

We hope you had lovely weekends and are excited for another week of (online) learning. 


When I (MS Read) went out for a walk this weekend, I spotted something very suspicious in the river near my house. Luckily, I managed to get a video of the large splash in the otherwise calm river but I really can't think what kind of creature would have made it! Mr Holloway was equally confused when I send him the video. We would like you to help us imagine what creature it was and use anything you can find in your house (boxes, packets, old decorations, fabric, cushions) to make a model of the monster. If you email the pictures of your creations to  we will be able to see what you imagine could be lurking under the surface of the River Frome.  



This week, all our English learning will be based on a book Purple Mash called 'Clean Sweep'. Set on Earth, people are not being sustainable and the streets are piled high with rubbish... Read the first chapter, answer the quiz questions and then write your own rubbish poem (about rubbish, I'm sure the quality of the poems will be brilliant!) 


Now we are moving onto dividing two digits by 10. Watch the the lesson 1 video here and then answer the questions on the left. 

This video will also help you to understand what happens with the decimal place 



We have been learning about Easter in RE this term. Watch this that explains about the Easter story. Can you then complete the activity and put events from the holy week in order.


PE Wellbeing

I hope you are all keeping nice and active. Who has thought of some clever ways to stay fit while we aren't able to go outside as much as normal?


You can now email your friends on Purple Mash. Complete the 'impulsive  communication' activity first. Remember to make all your messages kind and helpful.  




Good morning! Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have had this week in whatever way you can. I (Ms Read) have been doing lots of reading in the sunshine, outside in my garden. I hope you have been reading lots of books too!



Today, we are looking at a poem called 'Things I have been doing lately'. The poem is ready for you to download from the files to the left or is also on the reading lesson in purple mash. Read this poem aloud to the people in your house. Remember to add expression. Maybe you could even memorise the poem, add actions and perform it to your family.


The poet has used his imagination to think of all the thing he could have been doing. What would you do right now if you could? Write your own poem in the file in purple mash. Add one line to each page and draw and illustration to go with it.



Today's lesson is dividing one digit by 10. You were all super good at this when we did it in class. Remember the place value grid, when we divide by 10 everything moves one column to the right.

E.g. 4÷ 10 = 0.4        7 4÷ 10 = 0.7

 The questions and answers are ready to download. Watch the video on lesson 5 here



We normally do art on Friday afternoon. I thought it would be nice to go on a virtual visit to an art gallery because we can't leave our homes at the moment. Let's go on a trip all the way to Brazil! This was my favourite art gallery when I lived in Sao Paulo - have a look around the paintings. Which ones do you like? Can you draw a picture inspired by one of the pictures? 

 Click on this link: MASP




Good Morning - Happy Thursday everyone !

I hope you have been getting some fresh air and exercise over the last few days. We would love to see some photos of you doing some activities outside !

Well today we have ..


Imagine you are either the Prince or the Princess from the story, The Princess and the Pea. Write a diary entry about your first day together, now the Princess has been proven to be a true Princess. Do this on paper so you don't forget how beautiful your handwriting is !


More decimals and tenths work. This time you have to place them on a number line . You were brilliant at this in school so let's see if you still have the skills! Watch the video first so you know what to do then click on the questions and try it out.

When you finish why don't you challenge yourself by measuring items around your house and recording them with decimals - like this 23.2cm


Today we will be thinking about why people give into peer pressure. read the information first . Now create a poster (you can use Purple Mash or paper at home - the choice is yours!) to tell your friends about Peer Pressure, and what they can do if they experience it. 


There are a few more 2dos to complete on purple mash and thank you to everyone who has handed in work - amazing !!

Today and Friday we are both in school so we won't be able to respond to your work straight away. Don't worry we will look at it as soon as we get home. 






Good Morning year 4

It's another beautiful day !

The work for today is ready for you to download, and the instructions are here. Don’t forget, you can always go on the PiXL app to practise your times tables, as well as keeping up with the 5-a-week reading challenge! 



More decimal work today so have a look at the  lesson 3 video. Just like yesterday the answers are there for you to check your work !


There is some sequencing work to do today and a video to watch (the link is in there for you.)


There are more 2dos in Purple mash linked to sustainability and science. We are really enjoying your work and love responding o your 2dos.





Hi Year 4! 

We hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, and were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine! 

The work for today is ready for you to download, and the instructions are here. Don’t forget, you can always go on the PiXL app to practise your times tables, as well as keeping up with the 5-a-week reading challenge! 


We are continuing our work with decimals, and today will be looking at tenths as decimals. 

Have a look at the lesson 2 video on this page. You will then be able to do the questions on the worksheet. There are answers there too for you to check how you did! 


Re-read the story from yesterday, and then tell me everything you can about the Princess. What is she like as a person? Would you want to be her friend? 

There is then a grammar activity for you to do, and some writing to describe the Princess from the story. 


Think about your art project that you were doing at school. 

With an adult - can you create a river at home using different materials? What could the water be made from? What about the banks, or animals? Take a photo and ask a grown up to help you upload it onto Purple Mash so we can see! 

PE and well-being

Don’t forget, there is a short, online PE lesson that you can join in with! Every morning at 9am. 

Follow the instructions in the picture so you don’t miss out on one! 


Check out Purple Mash for today's Topic challenge!





Join in with Joe Wick's live workout at 9am - head to his Youtube account to find out more. 


English -Reading 

Read the story of Princess and the pea and answer the comprehension questions. The answers are also the bottom of the file.  


English - writing

Write a storyboard based on the Princess and the Pea. This is on Purple Mash, I am looking forward to seeing what you've done and marking your learning. 



We will continue our learning about hundredths and tenths. Some of you practiced this in class with us last week. Complete the worksheet. The answers are also on here for you to check. 



We have been learning about Easter this term - complete the Easter egg drawing challenge on Purple Mash. 


Extra topic challenge - talk to someone at home about sustainability. How can you be sustainable while you are at home rather than school





We are learning all about sustainability and how we can live a life that is not using up resources for future generations. 


Activity - Watch this video and then write the answer these question.

  1. What would change if we stopped burning fossil fuels? Are all the changes good ones?
  2. Why might it be difficult to cut back on some of the things that create carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Extra challenge! Write a persuasive letter to Marvin Rees (Bristol Mayor) to explain why it is so important that Bristol becomes one the most sustainable cities in the world. 

Answer these questions in the 'to do's in Purple Mash under 'topic activity'.