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Year 4 - Mr Holloway and Ms Read's classes

 Welcome to the home page for year 4 -- Mr Holloway and Ms Read's classes.  You'll find lots of learning here to keep you busy but, if you need any help from the teacher, you can email with 4H (Mr Holloway) or 4R (Ms Read) in the subject box and they will get your email.


We know it can be tricky not being able to talk to your friends like you would every day at school, so we have set up the 2email on Purple Mash where you can send messages to each other. Ms Read and Mr Holloway will be able to see each message and approve them before they are sent to the recipient to make sure our communication is kind and helpful during this time.    

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
River of Life by Leonid Afremov
River of Life by Leonid Afremov
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 31.3.20 Maths answers.pdfDownload
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 Monday 30th March 2020

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Friday 27th March 2020

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You can also play this dividing by 10 and 100 game by clicking here.

















Thursday 26th March 2020

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 Wednesday 25th March 2020

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Tuesday 24th March 2020

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Monday 23rd March 2020

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Thursday 19th March 2020 

Friday 3rd April

Good morning. Today is the last day of the Spring Term. We will be setting you some learning to do today, as well as some projects that will keep you busy during the Easter Holidays. 



There are still 3 chapters left of the book, I will set all of these as 2dos and you can go through them at your own pace. I will also set the comprehension quizzes and the writing activities for each chapter.

We would also love to hear how you are getting on at home. If you would like to write a diary for each day of the holidays, either on paper on in your 'work' section of  Purple Mash, that would be wonderful. Are you spotting any interesting things from your windows, gardens or walks around your neighbourhood. I am seeing lots of pretty birds from my house - I'm going to try and learn all their names - you could have this challenge too! 



Today is the last White Rose lesson on hundredths. As usual, watch the video here and complete the worksheets. I have also added a few more sheets to keep you busy dividing by 10 and 100. Remember to also keep practising your times tables on the PixL app - Mr Holloway and I can see who has been doing this regularly. 



We would have ended our topic learning about rivers and answering the question 'Can a river charge my phone?' Research the Hoover Dam (Find it on Google maps here) and then complete the postcard in 2dos to explain what you know. 

Over the holidays we would like you to see if you can harness the power of water by making your own water wheel.   

You will need an adult to help you with some of the steps. Email you pictures or videos of your models to me and Mr Holloway so we can see your great work!



I am definitely going to spend a lot of my Easter holidays painting and drawing. I looked on the internet for artists who I admired and I'm going to do a painting in their style. I like this French artists painting of a river - which artist will you be inspired by?

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning! 

Keep emailing the pictures of your river monster creations, it is really amazing to see  your creative efforts. Mr Holloway and I also love hearing that your parents and carers and getting involved in your projects! If you have made your monster, could you have a go at making a film with it - how would it move? What sounds would it make?



It has been great reading all your English learning. I'm impressed so many of you are using all the features we know are so important to include in our Year 4 writing. I have included the Year 4 writing checklist in the documents today for any parents/carers who would like to see what is expected in their child's writing. 

Today you have to read another chapter of the story - we are going to learn a little bit more about Max and what kind of creature he is. and where he comes from. When you have read the chapter, answer the comprehension questions. For your writing activity you have to continue what you imagine would happen next from the end of the chapter. 



Today you will be putting hundredths on a place value grid. Watch the video from lesson 4 here and complete sheets.



Normally, we would have our spelling test on a Thursday. Complete the word search and look, cover, write, check sheet first then get an adult to ask you the words. 



This would be the last lesson in our unit on 'states of matter' (solid, liquid, gas). First recap your knowledge of the properties of each state by completing this sorting activity here . There is a Purple mash writing activity for you to complete too. 


Finally, we would like you to have a go at carrying out your own Scientific investigation. Remind yourself how to carry out a fair test by watching this video here. Then read through the 'solid, liquid, gas science investigation' and choose a project. This will take a few days to complete as you will have to plan, carry out the investigation and then record your results and tell us what you have found out. You may need an adult to help you do this. 


Good luck - can't wait to see what you find out. 



1st April 

Happy Thursday everyone.... *


Mr Holloway and I are still being blown away by your amazing river monsters, maybe they are what I saw in the River Frome...! 



Today we will find out more about the mysterious creature and maybe find out a few more details about what it is really like. Once you have read chapter 3, you have more comprehension questions to answer. For your writing activity, you have to write out a dialogue between two characters. Watch this video here to remind yourself how to punctuate direct speech correctly. 


Todays lesson is writing hundredths as decimals. Watch the video on lesson 3 here and then complete the worksheet. 



Listen to the song on the youtube video to the left and then complete the activities. Can you be active and move and dance around your house as much as possible?



Are you joining in with Joe Wicks every morning? I think his workouts are really  tough! You could do some gentle yoga as well. My friend, who is also a yoga teacher, has made this video where you get to go on a space adventure. 


Remember there are also lots of fun activities on Go Noodle as well! Find the site by clicking here


(*April Fools, I know its Wednesday really)


Tuesday 31st March 

I hope everyone had a wonderful start the week. Mr Holloway and I have been really impressed with some of the river monsters we have received pictures of - see the gallery on the left for the creative efforts. I can't wait to see more! 



Today is moving onto hundredths - this is a recap of what we did together in class so it should be super easy. Watch the video on lesson 2 here to remind yourself what to do.  



Today, you have to read another chapter of the story and find out what is happening underneath all of that rubbish...! There are more comprehension questions set as a 2do. For your writing activity you need to create a fact file about the mysterious creature. 



It is important to keep practising your beautiful handwriting. Write out your character fact file on paper. Remember to focus on equal spaces between the words and letter, just like we were doing in class. 



In our Geography lessons in school, we learnt a little bit about the River Nile. I would like you do to some more research into what makes that river so interesting and then complete the fact file in your 2do. You can find out extra facts by going to this website here or watching the video on BBC learning here





































 Happy Monday Year 4!

We hope you had lovely weekends and are excited for another week of (online) learning. 


When I (MS Read) went out for a walk this weekend, I spotted something very suspicious in the river near my house. Luckily, I managed to get a video of the large splash in the otherwise calm river but I really can't think what kind of creature would have made it! Mr Holloway was equally confused when I send him the video. We would like you to help us imagine what creature it was and use anything you can find in your house (boxes, packets, old decorations, fabric, cushions) to make a model of the monster. If you email the pictures of your creations to  we will be able to see what you imagine could be lurking under the surface of the River Frome.  



This week, all our English learning will be based on a book Purple Mash called 'Clean Sweep'. Set on Earth, people are not being sustainable and the streets are piled high with rubbish... Read the first chapter, answer the quiz questions and then write your own rubbish poem (about rubbish, I'm sure the quality of the poems will be brilliant!) 


Now we are moving onto dividing two digits by 10. Watch the the lesson 1 video here and then answer the questions on the left. 

This video will also help you to understand what happens with the decimal place 



We have been learning about Easter in RE this term. Watch this that explains about the Easter story. Can you then complete the activity and put events from the holy week in order.


PE Wellbeing

I hope you are all keeping nice and active. Who has thought of some clever ways to stay fit while we aren't able to go outside as much as normal?


You can now email your friends on Purple Mash. Complete the 'impulsive  communication' activity first. Remember to make all your messages kind and helpful.  




Good morning! Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have had this week in whatever way you can. I (Ms Read) have been doing lots of reading in the sunshine, outside in my garden. I hope you have been reading lots of books too!



Today, we are looking at a poem called 'Things I have been doing lately'. The poem is ready for you to download from the files to the left or is also on the reading lesson in purple mash. Read this poem aloud to the people in your house. Remember to add expression. Maybe you could even memorise the poem, add actions and perform it to your family.


The poet has used his imagination to think of all the thing he could have been doing. What would you do right now if you could? Write your own poem in the file in purple mash. Add one line to each page and draw and illustration to go with it.



Today's lesson is dividing one digit by 10. You were all super good at this when we did it in class. Remember the place value grid, when we divide by 10 everything moves one column to the right.

E.g. 4÷ 10 = 0.4        7 4÷ 10 = 0.7

 The questions and answers are ready to download. Watch the video on lesson 5 here



We normally do art on Friday afternoon. I thought it would be nice to go on a virtual visit to an art gallery because we can't leave our homes at the moment. Let's go on a trip all the way to Brazil! This was my favourite art gallery when I lived in Sao Paulo - have a look around the paintings. Which ones do you like? Can you draw a picture inspired by one of the pictures? 

 Click on this link: MASP




Good Morning - Happy Thursday everyone !

I hope you have been getting some fresh air and exercise over the last few days. We would love to see some photos of you doing some activities outside !

Well today we have ..


Imagine you are either the Prince or the Princess from the story, The Princess and the Pea. Write a diary entry about your first day together, now the Princess has been proven to be a true Princess. Do this on paper so you don't forget how beautiful your handwriting is !


More decimals and tenths work. This time you have to place them on a number line . You were brilliant at this in school so let's see if you still have the skills! Watch the video first so you know what to do then click on the questions and try it out.

When you finish why don't you challenge yourself by measuring items around your house and recording them with decimals - like this 23.2cm


Today we will be thinking about why people give into peer pressure. read the information first . Now create a poster (you can use Purple Mash or paper at home - the choice is yours!) to tell your friends about Peer Pressure, and what they can do if they experience it. 


There are a few more 2dos to complete on purple mash and thank you to everyone who has handed in work - amazing !!

Today and Friday we are both in school so we won't be able to respond to your work straight away. Don't worry we will look at it as soon as we get home. 






Good Morning year 4

It's another beautiful day !

The work for today is ready for you to download, and the instructions are here. Don’t forget, you can always go on the PiXL app to practise your times tables, as well as keeping up with the 5-a-week reading challenge! 



More decimal work today so have a look at the  lesson 3 video. Just like yesterday the answers are there for you to check your work !


There is some sequencing work to do today and a video to watch (the link is in there for you.)


There are more 2dos in Purple mash linked to sustainability and science. We are really enjoying your work and love responding o your 2dos.





Hi Year 4! 

We hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, and were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine! 

The work for today is ready for you to download, and the instructions are here. Don’t forget, you can always go on the PiXL app to practise your times tables, as well as keeping up with the 5-a-week reading challenge! 


We are continuing our work with decimals, and today will be looking at tenths as decimals. 

Have a look at the lesson 2 video on this page. You will then be able to do the questions on the worksheet. There are answers there too for you to check how you did! 


Re-read the story from yesterday, and then tell me everything you can about the Princess. What is she like as a person? Would you want to be her friend? 

There is then a grammar activity for you to do, and some writing to describe the Princess from the story. 


Think about your art project that you were doing at school. 

With an adult - can you create a river at home using different materials? What could the water be made from? What about the banks, or animals? Take a photo and ask a grown up to help you upload it onto Purple Mash so we can see! 

PE and well-being

Don’t forget, there is a short, online PE lesson that you can join in with! Every morning at 9am. 

Follow the instructions in the picture so you don’t miss out on one! 


Check out Purple Mash for today's Topic challenge!





Join in with Joe Wick's live workout at 9am - head to his Youtube account to find out more. 


English -Reading 

Read the story of Princess and the pea and answer the comprehension questions. The answers are also the bottom of the file.  


English - writing

Write a storyboard based on the Princess and the Pea. This is on Purple Mash, I am looking forward to seeing what you've done and marking your learning. 



We will continue our learning about hundredths and tenths. Some of you practiced this in class with us last week. Complete the worksheet. The answers are also on here for you to check. 



We have been learning about Easter this term - complete the Easter egg drawing challenge on Purple Mash. 


Extra topic challenge - talk to someone at home about sustainability. How can you be sustainable while you are at home rather than school





We are learning all about sustainability and how we can live a life that is not using up resources for future generations. 


Activity - Watch this video and then write the answer these question.

  1. What would change if we stopped burning fossil fuels? Are all the changes good ones?
  2. Why might it be difficult to cut back on some of the things that create carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Extra challenge! Write a persuasive letter to Marvin Rees (Bristol Mayor) to explain why it is so important that Bristol becomes one the most sustainable cities in the world. 

Answer these questions in the 'to do's in Purple Mash under 'topic activity'.