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3N Nimmo Class      

A message for the awesome, amazing 3N!

Although we may not get to see each other for a little while and it'll be a little strange not going into school, seeing your friends and everyone at school. I will still be here thinking of you all and uploading work and challenges for you to do. I will be uploading daily tasks to keep you busy and putting up useful links so you can share those great websites we have seen in class with your parents and carers. Keep being your wonderful selves and stay safe. 

Look forward to seeing you all again soon, From Miss Noble :) 

Great science posters!
Great science posters!

Thank you for the beautiful spring pictures 3N! They are beautiful and I hope you have been able to see some of it for yourselves.

Spelling Test on Purple Mash this week. If you want to join in, just find it on Purple Mash! Good Luck!

Thankyou for the first completed        e safety poster! I particularly like the pictures in this one. Don't forget to press save on your work and to press hand in so I can mark it and give rewards for your hard work. 

We have watched Michael Rosen's poem 'Chocolate Cake' so many times in 3N. Enjoy!  We have also enjoyed the other poems like 'Strict' and 'Bedtime'

Can you solve it?
Can you solve it?

Our Class Book by our author-Jenny Nimmo.  Look out for more books by her including the Charlie Bone Series. 

Thank you 3N for the beautiful pieces of work you are handing in on Purple Mash. It has been a pleasure to see them and mark them, keep them coming!


Please click here to download the Year 3 weekly timetable if you would like to follow a similar structure of a typical school day.

Click to download your Maths Booklet and English Activity Booklet for support with the Year 3 English and Maths objectives.

Please also log on to Purple Mash (see link on the Learning at Home page) for daily 2dos for the children to complete. 

And remember to keep up with your five a week reading as well as times tables and spelling practice. 

















Useful Links

Please see links here to useful, educational websites that we have accessed in class, that the children really enjoyed: 

Stories for the children to watch-Storyline Online

The children loved this website. Famous actors read the stories and the stories are animated which makes it more fun. 3N really like the stories: Turkey Trouble and Carla's Sandwich. 


Year 3/4 Maths reasoning questions

The link above takes you to a site with reasoning problems suitable for Years 3 and 4. Really helpful if your child likes a maths challenge! 


 Higher level Vocabulary

The children love being able to use exciting and interesting words in their writing, These downloadable word mats help them out but giving them more interesting words to replace the regular words they always use, like small for example or thin.