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Year 3

During this time, we will continue to upload work daily that will continue from where we stopped in class. There is also a Maths Booklet and English Activity Booklet that are available to download. Please continue reading every day and practising times tables!

Your child has a login to practise their times tables on the PiXL Times Tables app - this can be downloaded free from any app store.

 A lot of the learning we set will be accessible on Purple Mash, which your child also has login details for. Once completed, I will be able to view/ provide comments to stay in communication with the children as much as possible!



We are all missing each other... thankfully you can now send emails to your friends on Purple Mash! 

A message for our lovely Year 3's,

We've really enjoyed seeing all of your lovely work  so far and have particularly liked the Spring posters!  We hope you're all managing to enjoy some of this lovely weather as well as taking care of yourselves! 

We look forward to seeing you all again! 

From Miss Westacott and Miss Noble:)


We have just started learning about fractions.

Within Maths at Blaise we follow a scheme of learning from White Rose available to download, which provides the small steps and resources for the children to complete, following National Curriculum objectives.

 Below is a fraction wall I have created for the children to refer to: 

If you wish to download the fraction wall to print off please click on the image. 

Here is a link for Year 3/4 Maths reasoning questions if your child really enjoys a challenge!


This term we have been reading the book Krindlekrax and the children have found it super interesting! We have discussed characters and their personalities, motives, feelings etc. 

Higher level Vocabulary - Children in Year 3 are super at extending their vocabulary and are encouraged to use a range of exciting words in their speech and writing. These downloadable word mats help them out by introducing them to some more interesting words to in in replacement of some of the regular words they may use, like small for example.



We will continue to have our weekly spelling test on Thursday's, on Purple Mash. This week the children will be tested on their Week 4 spellings (words ending in the 'g' sound). 

Below are a few resources available to help the children practise these:

 A4 Poster.pdfDownload
 Spelling Lists.pdfDownload
 Word Search.pdfDownload
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Daily tasks

Please click here to download the Year 3 weekly timetable if you would like to follow a similar structure of a typical school day.

Unless stated otherwise, all tasks will be set to complete on Purple Mash

Friday 3rd April
English -  2do: Word Families
Showing how words are related in form and meaning.
(You also have today to continue with your 2do: Crocodile Fact File!)
Maths - Please continue with fractions as objects as this is very tricky!
Go over your learning from the past few days and practise lots! Can you use objects in your home to create your own fractions question/ answer? Can you write your own maths story (reasoning) for fractions and an object? You could upload videos or pictures of your work to Purple Mash!  
PSHE2do: Exercise Poster
Can you create a poster to persuade people to be more active?
You could use lots of persuasive language and imperative (bossy!!) verbs here! Maybe include some rhetorical questions such as 'Why wouldn't you want to keep fit and healthy?'. Think about why exercise is important and enjoyable. 


Previous few days learning:

Monday 30th March
English - 2do: Word classes
Read the different descriptions of Krindlekrax and sort the words into the right boxes. You only have a short time so think fast!
Maths - Fractions on a number line
To complete, please visit the White Rose Home Learning page. Watch guidance video and complete Lesson 1/ Step 6 (Week 2). 
Answers are also made available to mark!
Art - 2do: 2Paint
Can you paint your own picture of Krindlekrax? What does he look like? What colour is he?
If you are stuck for ideas maybe Google Krindlekrax and see how the illustrator of the book designed him. Also look back on the book and how the author/ Corky describes the beast!
Tuesday 31st March
English - 2do: Krindlekrax Description
Using the picture to help you and what you have read about Krindlekrax, write a short description of him. Remember to use all your Year 3 writing skills!
Maths -Fractions of a set of objects (1)
To complete, please visit the White Rose Home Learning page. Watch guidance video and complete Week 2 - Lesson 2 - Step 7 - Fractions of a set of objects (1)
Answers are also made available to mark!
Science2do: Forces v3
Select some images or clip art and write about the forces acting. Is it a push or a pull force?
One of the children in 3C even uploaded a video showing/ explaining her reasoning of magnets and the forces last week!! I would love to see more of these if you would like to give it a go!
Wednesday 1st April
English -   2do: Website links about Crocodile
Time to research crocodiles. You can google it or you can click on some of these great website links to help with your research about Crocodiles!
MathsFractions of a set of objects (2)
To complete, please visit the White Rose Home Learning page. Watch guidance video and complete Week 2 - Lesson 3 - Step 8 - Fractions of a set of objects (2)
Answers are also made available to mark!
Geography2do: Layers of the Earth
Can you label the layers of the Earth? Remember all of our learning about this that we looked at for Volcanoes in Term 3 and Earthquakes in Term 4! 
Thursday 2nd April
English -   2do: Crocodile Fact File
Using all the amazing facts you have found out about crocodiles, use this template to make your own fact file telling us all about crocodiles!
MathsFractions of a set of objects (3)
To complete, please visit the White Rose Home Learning page. Watch guidance video and complete Week 2 - Lesson 4 - Step 9 - Fractions of a set of objects (3)
Answers are also made available to mark!
Computing - 2do: Online Safety - Team Quiz
Play this quiz in teams to test how online safe you are.


With all this online learning, it is really important that you write regularly, otherwise all the muscle memories that were made to create your beautiful handwriting will be forgotten when we return to school!

Find a pencil and paper at home and practise writing the days of the week/ months of the year.



Our theme is 'Extreme Earth'. We have been learning about earthquakes - what they are, how they happen and the impact they have on communities. 

The tasks set for this will be uploaded to Purple Mash for the children to complete. 

There is also a wide range of resources online that provide facts/ useful and interesting videos on earthquakes. 

Art and Design

We have also been looking at architecture and particularly earthquake proof buildings. What is an earthquake proof building? How do you design an earthquake proof building?

Children should consider the aspects they have learnt in class (cross bracing, base isolation, shear walls and the shape.  


Jigsaw this term has been focused around keeping fit and healthy. The children will have set themselves for homework a challenge/ action plan to keep themselves healthy and should focus on this. 

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