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Welcome to Term 6 - We made it! 

We miss you Year 3! 

Click here to see a letter from Miss Noble      or     click here to see a letter from Miss Westacott.   

Click here to see a letter from Mr Bonaddio, Mrs Barlow, Mrs Robinson and Miss Hughes.  

 You can also click here to see a video from all of our staff on the Home Learning page.  

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Year 3

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We are immensely proud of you all for everything you are doing during these difficult times - it makes us teachers really appreciate all the children, parents and the school community! 

We will be providing weekly tasks and will upload a range of activities which relate to all areas of the curriculum. This is to give you more choice over which activities you would like to do. Our priority is your happiness and well-being, though we know that lots of you like keeping up with the work to keep some routine!

There is also a Maths Booklet and English Activity Booklet that are available to download. Please continue reading every day and practising times tables!

Your child has a login to practise their times tables on the PiXL Times Tables app - this can be downloaded free from any app store.

 A lot of the learning we set will be accessible on Purple Mash, which your child also has login details for. Once completed, I will be able to view/ provide comments to stay in communication with the children as much as possible!                                                                

A message for our lovely Year 3s,

We've really enjoyed seeing all of your lovely work!  We hope you're all taking care of yourselves! 

We look forward to seeing you all again! 

From Miss Westacott and Miss Noble:)

The Virtual Summer Games start this week. Entry is via Google Forms. Go to for more information.

Check out Challenge 1 here and join in: 


We are learning about SHAPE.

Within Maths at Blaise we follow a scheme of learning from White Rose available to download, which provides the small steps and resources for the children to complete, following National Curriculum objectives.


Please not that this is a resource from Term 4.

If you wish to download the fraction wall to print off please click on the image. 

Here is a link for Year 3/4 Maths reasoning questions if your child really enjoys a challenge!


Higher level Vocabulary - Children in Year 3 are super at extending their vocabulary and are encouraged to use a range of exciting words in their speech and writing. These downloadable word mats help them out by introducing them to some more interesting words to in in replacement of some of the regular words they may use, like small for example.



We will continue to have our weekly spelling test on Thursday's, on Purple Mash. 


With all this online learning, it is really important that you write regularly, otherwise all the muscle memories that were made to create your beautiful handwriting will be forgotten when we return to school!

Find a pencil and paper at home and practise writing the days of the week/ months of the year. Maybe you could find out all the birthdays in your family or your friends and write these down too!

Your maths skills could even come into place here. Can you work out the difference between some peoples birthdays? For example, my birthday is 5th August. Harry's birthday is 17th October. How many days/ months are there between the two? 

Other useful links

BBC  Bitesize 

Newsround – 

Vocabulary Ninga:

Teach your monster to read -    

Children's books read by famous actors/ authors:

Times table practise:

Vooks – Storybooks brought to life

Mindfulness and Keeping Active

The PE   

Go Noodle

Smiling Mind

Cosmic Yoga – You Tube

BBC Supermovers –

Premier League Stars –

Weekly tasks

Please click here to download the Year 3 weekly timetable if you would like to follow a similar structure of a typical school day.

Term 6 Week 1 (w/c 1st June)

Term 6 Knowledge Organiser Ancient Egyptians


(Found on Purple Mash) Read Chapter 1 of Beth in the Nile and answer multiple choice questions as well as complete writing activity. (Resources below)

 BethOnTheNile_Resources_Ch1_Chapter Sequencing.pdfDownload
 BethOnTheNile_Resources_Ch1_Multiple Choice.pdfDownload
 BethOnTheNile_Resources_Ch1_Open Ended.pdfDownload
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White Rose learning is now available again, although not on the website. Please use the resources attached below to complete any White Rose maths, if you wish to use these.
Tasks also available on Purple Mash:
  • 2do: name 2D shapes
  • 2do: 2D shape perimeters
  • 2do: label shapes
  • 2do: recognize lines of symmetry
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Also on Purple Mash you can find:

  • 2do: The Afterlife 
    Ancient Egyptians were not frightened of death because they believed that the Afterlife would be brilliant. What would your idea of a perfect Afterlife be?
  • 2do: World Continents 
    How good is your knowledge of world geography? Can you identify each of these continents?
  • 2do: Human Senses 
    Match the senses to the parts of the body and answer the questions
  • 2do: Egypt Postcard 
    Write a postcard from modern day Egypt.
  • 2do: Summer 
    Can you draw a typical summer scene? What kind of things would you expect to see?

Below is a suggestion for weekly learning activities if you may be finding any difficulties accessing Purple Mash as well as a breakdown of the learning for the term (mind map).

You can download a copy to save/ print at home if you wish by clicking on either images.