Blaise Primary And Nursery School

Year 4 Huskies

Welcome to the Year 4 Huskies (4H) page.  You can find lots of information about your class here.    

Class Staff

 The class teacher is called Mr Holloway.

Here is a photo.

 The class TA is called 

Here is a photo.

  Other staff who will work in the class this year are:

  • Mr Thomas (Shine PE teacher on Thursdays)
  • Mr Knight (Shine PE teacher on Thursdays)


Other important information


Click here for the Term 1 Newsletter

Knowledge Organisers

Click here for the Term 1 Knowledge Organiser

Home Learning

  • For the five a week challenge, pupils need to read to an adult or older sibling 5 times per week and get this signed in their reading record. Reading records should be brought into school each day so they can be checked and signed by adults in school too.
  • Spelling lists have been sent home and should be practised daily in preparation for the test every Friday.
  • Times tables should be practised regularly using children's Times Tables Rockstars logins.
  • Homework packs will be sent home each term for all Year 6 pupils to complete.




  Times Tables: children have login details for the Times Tables Rockstars and the PiXL Times Tables app to practice daily.

Some children may want to use their Times Tables Rockstars logins for Numbots to practice their number bonds, too.


Times Tables Rockstars Guide

Garage Room - Please try to practise in here as much as you can. I have set certain times tables for you.

Studio Room -  This is where you play to try and record your best performance and improve your rock status. Your challenge on here is to answer all times tables up to 12 x 12.

Arena - This is a bit like the garage room where tables are set for you individually. The difference is you get to play against other band-mates and challenge each other. 

Festival - This is a multiplayer version of studio.

Have fun rock stars and don't forget to challenge me!


East Ward Community Primary School - Purple Mash

Spelling: click here to download the weekly spelling lists for this year. Spelling tests are every Thursday morning. You can also practice spellings (and lots more!) on Purple Mash.


Oxford Owl Reading – Heatherside      Cover art

Reading: please use the Oxford Owl ebook library to access to lots of lovely online books so you can keep reading at home. 

My class login > Username: Blaise6M Password: books > Oxford Owl eBook Library  > Levels > Book Band

 If you are unsure of the reading colour you are looking for, please email Mr Holloway via the office (First Chapters = grey, Free Readers = dark blue and dark red).

You can also improve your vocabulary using the PiXL Unlock app.



Contacting the teachers

The class teachers won't be able to speak to you at the start and end of the day.  If you have any information that you want to share with the class teacher please either:

  • Email the details to and put Year 4H into the subject box.
  • Telephone 0117 377 24 24 and make an appointment for Mr Holloway to call you back.