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Welcome to the Wombats class page.  You can find lots of information about your class here.    

Class staff

The class teacher is called Miss Westacott

Here is a photo:

Other staff who work in the class are:

  • Mrs Boothroyd (Phonics lead)
  • Mrs Khan (SMSA)
  • Mr Thomas (SHINE PE - Fridays)
  • Mr Knight (SHINE PE - Fridays) 

The class TAs are called Mrs Reece and Mrs Sudlow

Here is a photo:

Class Timetable

Our PE day is Friday.  You can come into school in your PE kit on that day.


Knowledge Organisers

Term 1 - Seasonal Change

Contacting the teachers

The class teachers won't be able to speak to you at the start and end of the day.  If you have any information that you want to share with the class teacher please either:

  • Email the details to and put the class name in the subject box
  • Telephone 0117 377 24 24 and make an appointment for the class teacher to call you back.