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Year 2

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Week beginning: Monday 23rd November 

Hello year 2!

Well done for all your amazing learning last week. We know it's difficult but you are doing so well.

If there's any questions then please get your parent or carer to email us and we'll be more than happy to help.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 30th November.

Keep going!

Mr Rhodes and Ms Thorn

For this weeks assemblies, scroll to the bottom of the page


Please photograph your child’s writing, maths, science and theme work and email to your class teacher’s email address.

Mr Rhodes 2R 


Ms Thorn 2T  


Paper copies of activities will be posted home to those who have no Internet/device access who have requested them.


We have a school subscription which gives us access to lots of lovely online books so you can keep reading at home.


Please log in to 


Select ‘My class login’

Username: blaise2t (for Ms Thorn's class) or blaise2r (for Mr Rhodes's class)

Password: books 


Select the Oxford Owl eBook Library

Choose 'Levels' and then select 'book bands'.

Here you can select your child's reading books colour.

First Chapter books are grey level books.

Free Readers are dark blue and dark red

If you/your child are unsure of their reading colour, please email your class teacher.


Log on to

Username: blaisephonics     


Go to 'Resources', choose a game and select 'phase 5'

(phase 2 or 3 for simpler words)


Spellings - The sound /j/ spelt with a '-dge' and '-ge' at the end of words.

Click here for the spelling list for this week. 

Here is a  PDF activity and a link to a word search. 



We are using Oak Academy for our English lessons.

Click on the link to see the day’s video lesson.  You will need a pencil/pen and paper to write on. This week we are continuing to use the text How Coyote Brought Fire to the Earth and learning to write a descriptive text. 


Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday     Thursday     Friday


Maths - Money 

Click on the links for daily White Rose maths videos and activities. You can either print the pages (if you have access to a printer), screen shot the page and edit as a photo or simply write your answers on a piece of paper. The answer page has also been shared but please don't look at this until you have completed the lesson! 


Monday - Compare money                              video    activity sheet

Tuesday - Find the total                                video    activity sheet

Wednesday - Find the difference                  video    activity sheet

Thursday - Find change                                 video    activity sheet

Friday - Two step problems                           video    activity sheet


Answers - Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday   Friday


Other ways to learn about money - Add up amounts of coins that are available at home. Set up a shop, make price labels for toys or food items and 'sell' them to family members using real coins. Check that they have given you the correct amount of money. Just remember to give it back when you have finished playing! 

There are also some on-line money games available on these links... 


Theme - The Great Fire of London 

We have set two theme tasks related to our work on the Great Fire of London

Click here to see task 1 - an information poster 

Click here to see task 2 - a Tudor house model 


Science - Materials 

Click here to see task 1 

Click here to see task 2 


Ms Ronnie is our Year 2 lunchtime assistant who also listens to the children read every day.

Ms Ronnie says "Remember to share and enjoy books while you are at home" 

Ms Ronnie


Monday Assembly - Click Here

 Wednesday Assembly - Click here for the power point and click here for the story link

Task for Wednesday - Have a discussion with you parent/carer about the questions in the assembly. If you have any ideas, email your teacher and we can talk about them when we get back.

Friday - Celebration assembly! Click here to see which house has achieved the most house points this week.

Click here for a vey special message to our Role Models and Learners of the Week.