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Year 1


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We are glad to hear that so many of you are enjoying the learning activities we have posted while we are learning from home. Please do keep sending us pictures of the  wonderful work you have completed and created at home. We love to see it! If you have any questions, please get your parent or carer to email us and we will be happy to help. Your emails come straight through to us (please use the email addresses on this page) and we love to respond. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday 30th November.

Mrs Young  &  Miss Westacott

Week beginning: Monday 23rd November

Please photograph your child’s writing,  science and theme work and email to your class teacher’s email address.

We really look forward to seeing what you do at home.


Mrs Young 1Y

Miss Westacott 1W




Monday's assembly can be found here. A video message can also be found here.   

Wednesday's assembly can be found here. The story with the assembly can be accessed here.

Have a discussion with your parent/carer about the questions in the assembly. If you have any ideas, email us and we can talk about them when we are back in school. 

Friday's House Point totals can be found here. 

Click here to listen to Mr Bonaddio celebrating all the hard work everyone at our school has done this week and giving a special message to our 'Role Model' and 'Learners of the Week'. Well done to everyone!



We have a school subscription which gives us access to lots of lovely online books so you can keep reading at home.

 Please log in to 

Select ‘My class login’

Username: blaise1y (for Mrs Young's class) or blaise1w (for Miss Westacott's class)

Password: books 

Select the ‘ebook library for Letters and Sounds’

Select ‘levels’  then ‘Oxford levels’

Here you can select your child’s reading level- this corresponds to the colour label on the books they bring home.  

If you/your child are unsure of their reading colour, please email your child's teacher. 

 1= lilac

1+ = pink


3= red2 and yellow

4= blue

5= green



Click here to see the spelling activities for this week and next week. 

Spelling Activity 



Log on to

Username: blaisephonics      Password:phonics 

Go to 'Resources', choose a game and select 'phase 3' (phase 2 for simpler words)



We are using Oak Academy for our English lessons.

Click on the link to see the day’s video lesson.  You will need a pencil/pen and paper to write on. This week we are continuing to use the text 'The Magic Paintbrush' and learning to write a story.


     Monday 23rd    Tuesday 24th   Wednesday 25th    Thursday 26th     Friday 27th  


Last week's lesson links are below in case you didn't get a chance to do them and would like to. 

Monday 16th     Tuesday 17th     Wednesday 18th     Thursday 19th      Friday 20th




Click on the links for daily White Rose maths videos and activities. 


Monday 16th- Addition                                               video    activity sheet      answer sheet

Tuesday- Finding a part                                              video    activity sheet      answer sheet

Wednesday- Subtraction (how many left part 1)        video    activity sheet       answer sheet

Thursday- Subtraction (how many left part 2)           video    activity sheet        answer sheet

Friday- Subtraction (break apart)                               video    activity sheet       answer sheet 


Monday 23rd- Fact families                                        video      activity sheet     answer sheet

Tuesday - Subtraction (count back)                            video      activity sheet     answer sheet

Wednesday- Find the difference (part one)                video     activity sheet       answer sheet

Thursday- Find the difference (part two)                  video        activity sheet      answer sheet

Friday- comparing addition and subtraction                video       activity sheet       answer sheet 




We have been learning about the countries in the UK.

Last week Barnaby Bear visited Wales. His adventure can be found here incase you missed it. 

This week he has embarked further North... 

Click here to see Barnaby Bear's visit to Scotland.

Click here to see your Geography activity (design a poster).




We have been learning about the seasons. When we are back in school we will be thinking about how different animals are adapted to the environments they live in, and how they cope with seasonal changes in the weather. 

Click here for a video showing seasonal changes and events which happen throughout the year.

Click here to see this week’s science activity.



We have been learning about toys in the pastIn class, we read The Old Toy Room to teach us about old toys, which can be found here for you to enjoy again at home.

We really enjoyed seeing your designs last week.

Now can you design a toy from the past? Think back to our lesson and the old toys your teacher took out the box. Think about - what material was it made from? Who played with it? How did it work? When was it made?

You can also ask your grown ups for some inspiration from toys they played with.