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Bubble Closures

If the school is directed by our local health team, local authority or the government to close either partially or fully due to Covid-19, staff will provide work that should be completed at home.

Please remember, home learning will not be the same as a day in school. Every household is different, and we know that you will have a variety of approaches at this time. We will endeavour to share appropriate, engaging and targeted learning, but understand that you know your child best and therefore may also be enjoying a variety of activities that you have created.

Each class teacher will plan a week of activities for your child to complete, though there is no expectation that they complete every lesson. Activities, tasks or projects can be accessed from this page.

Please  email any completed work to your child’s class teacher. Feedback will be provided via the email address you sent the work in from. 

You’ll find the email address for your child’s class on the their bubble closure page.


If you would like any further information about this, please contact the school office

via email ( and telephone (0117 377 2424)